Iyengar-cert1Iyengar-certified yoga teachers train for a minimum of three years in the art, science and philosophy of yoga and have had a dedicated practice for a minimum of six years before achieving their Introductory I/ II Level Certification. This rigorous process incorporates a proficiency in asana practice, written exams that include philosophy, anatomy and a practical knowledge of teaching that is assessed by an Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada panel of senior teachers. Only when all the requirements are met may a teacher use the official Iyengar Certification Mark.

This world-wide system of certification, designed by BKS Iyengar, ensures that every teacher here at YCT is highly skilled and able to address your needs. YCT teachers engage in regular upgrading of their skills and are expected to work towards their next level of certification that incorporates increasing levels of competency in asana and teaching skills. Continuous education and self-improvement are both inherent to the culture of Iyengar Yoga and are fully embodied at YCT.

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