Didi Hall

Didi started practicing yoga in the early 90’s after leaving a career in television. She began teaching in 2004, opening her own studio, and has been teaching at YCT since 2009. Didi loves the methodology of Iyengar yoga and her teaching style reflects this – clear, pragmatic and direct, yet filled with joy and laughter. She currently teaches a variety of classes and assists in the therapeutic classes. A long time student of Marlene Mawhinney, Didi was in Pune in 2008 and has studied voraciously with visiting teachers from Pune. When not practicing, teaching or thinking about teaching, Didi enjoys designing interiors, cooking and spending time with her continually expanding family, which now number 23. “Yoga has allowed me to be a positive, calm influence in their lives.”

Certification:  Intermediate Junior  II